Writing | exams | audience


#1 Give your students additional information about the reader of the piece of writing they’re about to produce. All the students might get a set of pictures of readers to choose from or you might assign one of the pictures to each student/group.

friend present collage

aunt collage


#2 Give your students a picture that represents a reaction they are supposed to evoke in their readers.

collage reaction

#3 Make sure your students get some real audience, not just you 🙂

The easiest way to do it?

Prepare a gallery walk type of reading experience for them and distribute pieces of paper to comment on.

Students walk around, read each other’s works and leave (pleasant!) comments on the CONTENT of each piece.

Nothing about the format, nothing about the mistakes, just the content.

They don’t write on their friends’ works, they stick their comments with blu-tack or attach them with clothes pegs.

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