Notetaking | lexis | functional language

notetaking idea 2.1.jpg

Let’s say you’re teaching likes&dislikes today.

  1. Ask your students to draw a simple table in their notebooks (see above).
  2. On the left, the students write all the ways of expressing likes&dislikes they can think of.
  3. During the lesson, they add new phrases in the middle column.
  4. The third column is for them to add to later on when they come across another phrase that serves the same purpose.
  5. Encourage colour-coding – all the highlighted phrases can be used to express likes.
  6. The bottom spaces are for writing their own sentences (preferably – true and/or close to their hearts) that will let them (1.) practise the expressions and (2.) revise them when the students come back to their notes at a moment chosen by you or them.

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