Drawings | lexis


  1. Before the lesson, put the cards with phrases you’re going to introduce today around the room. Each card has a phrase with one word replaced with a drawing.
  2. Introduce new phrases.
  3. Encourage the students to walk around, look at the cards and retrieve ( = try to remember) the whole phrase, replacing the drawing with a missing word.
  4. Under these cards, there is a second layer of cards – just the drawings. At some point in the lesson, take off the top layer of cards and encourage the students to retrieve the whole phrases again.
  5. Leave the just-the-drawing cards as clues for writing/speaking task later on – while students are doing the task, they can have a look around and, hopefully, remember the language they’re to use.
  6. You can create a handout with the same drawings – it may become an exit ticket, a homework task, a short test next time you meet. You can ask for a full phrase or a sentence with a phrase.

Sample cards for  “to turn your life around”:


Featured image by Cassi Josh  via Unsplash

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